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Dear Breeders,

The first PinniPups have hatched!

Thanks to BeHappyNow xD, Princess and .Matt. for bringing back these lovely specimens.

The analysis of the egg provided key insight in visualizing the PinniPup before it hatched. The sharp patterns on the surface match the quills that adorn their backs. One breeder even produced drawings with prescient detail! Indeed, when they hatched it was almost as if we had already seen them!

The PinniPup is a docile creature at home in the sea, and on land! Keep an eye out for its characteristic hop; they are very playful.

There have been murmurs within the breeding community that taking too many PinniPups from the Wild will upset the delicate balance of this creature in nature. They are quite rare, and we must be mindful of the Wild population. So far over 30 PinniPup eggs have been found. I’ll keep the community updated with census reports.

Warm Wishes,
Choochoo and Aemon

Posted 6 years 7 months ago

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